Paddy the Penguin's Adventure

Brrr....Paddy the Penguin is tired of being chilly and is determined to seek out a land of warm air to breathe and warm water to swim in. Life on his own is harder than he imagined, though, and there is danger around every corner. Follow Paddy's adventure as his path leads him back to what is most important for every young penguin...the comfort of family. Paddy the Penguin is the first book written by Jeff McGuinness and illustrated by his wife, Lisa Starr McGuinness. As a husband and wife team, they balance professional careers with their true passions of creativity. Lisa Starr is an accomplished and multi-talented artist, while Jeff develops his ideas during long hikes in the mountains. Lisa and Jeff live in Leadville, Colorado at an elevation of 10,200 feet. With 144 inches of annual snow and temperatures below zero, it is easy to find inspirations for a chilly and restless Paddy.

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Signed copies are available for purchase at Lisa Starr Art & Designs located at 616 Harrison Avenue Leadville, CO 80461.




Paddy the Penguin